It begins with a conversation around a dinner table. Eating is essential for all human beings and is something some of us enjoy, while for others it is a struggle to put a meal on the table. Breaking Bread creates a space for critical dialogue between people of varied backgrounds and experiences. No matter the culture or cuisine, sharing a meal with others is one of the best ways to break down barriers. How often do we get together with people outside our own circle of family and friends? Sitting down with one another allows us to find real solutions to successfully battle hunger here in Montgomery County. It also creates an invitation for others to bring the conversation into their own communities.

Breaking Bread brings together the many disparate groups in the county—Manna clients, Manna staff, Manna donors, stakeholders, volunteers, and community leaders. It is about building community around a kitchen table, with the guiding principal that having enough food to eat is an essential human right.